Nail Shows or Nail Retreats? Maybe a little of both...

Nail Shows or Nail Retreats? Maybe a little of both...

We as nail techs have always struggled to find education that was affordable and beneficial to our businesses.  There have never been many trade shows that put the nail tech at the center of the event.  Well, times they are a changing.  If you research nail events these days or stay connected to nail friends across the country, you will soon find out that there are so many opportunities to get great education and networking at a Nail Retreat.  Some are large like Jessica Briarmoon's Nail Camp and then there are some smaller more specialized retreats like Jill Wright's Smokies Retreat, a spin off of Jill's Nail Tech Event of the Smokies trade show event held each year in July at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.  Some of the events are stationary and held at the same location like Jill's, others like Jessica's Nail Camp moves around the country and has been held in Washington State, Maryland, Florida, Georgia and the next location is in Texas.  Another event that has just popped up is the Fun Fancy Nail Retreat held in March at the Grotonwood Christian Camp in Massachusetts.  This retreat is a spin off of Danalyn Stockwood's Fun Fancy Nail Event trade show that is held in the fall.  I myself have even planned a retreat at the beach in Hatteras, NC, Nailcation 2022.  It initially sold out before I could even advertise but one room did open up (so click the link if you are interested).  We are hosting 12 nail techs with 4 educators for an all inclusive event.  So do your homework nail techs and find the right fit for you from small retreats to larger ones and then throw in a couple trade shows to top it off.  There is something for everyone.

Please check the links to research each event a little more and always feel free to reach out to me for any questions!

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